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All correspondence regarding your Wedding MUST have time, date and location so we can better serve you. When sending email, please add to your subject line the Time, Date, and Location for your wedding.

Where do we obtain our Alberta Marriage License?
The Alberta Marriage License is valid for three (3) months, and can be purchased at any Alberta Registry Office. A great online alternative is This is a convenient and expedient option for those where work, travel, etc. can make visiting an Alberta Registry Office difficult.

Can we make changes to our Ceremony?
There is a basic format that is required by law for a Legal Wedding Ceremony, in Alberta. Please read the Ceremony in our site under "Ceremony". Within these guidelines we are more than Happy to help you personalize your Wedding Day.

In addition to the required Legal Marriage Vows, we are more than pleased to work with you to include details such as Personal Vows, inviting Family and Friends to participate, and helping you to arrange your Wedding Day so it will leave you with the lasting memories you'll cherish for years to come.

What do we receive?
You receive your CEREMONY BOOK and MARRIAGE STATEMENT in a protective folder after the wedding.

How long does the ceremony take?
The primary and legal part of the ceremony takes approx. 20 min. If you wish to customize your wedding, times will vary, but typically you can expect 30 min. from start to finish.

Do you do rehearsals with us?
Yes, an informal rehearsal at our office, formal rehearsals upon request. We will do our best to ensure a meeting once you have your Alberta Marriage License in hand. Having said this, weekends can be problematic because they are the most popular days of the week for Weddings. Come Summer, meetings become increasingly more of a challenge as week days get booked as well. With many people on on holidays, booking rehearsal meetings sooner is always safer than later. We cannot guarantee your informal rehearsal if left till the last moment.

We need witnesses, can you help?
Yes, if needed we can provide witnesses.

We need an interpreter, can you help?
Yes, interpreters are available upon request. Currently we offer French, German, Japanese, and Spanish interpreters at this time. Limited availability, please ask.

What are your fees?
Our fees are dependant on wedding locations.

How do I book your service?
Our online email booking form or phone call. We will reconfirm this by email or phone once received.

When do I pay?
A deposit is required to secure time and date, the deposit is non-refundable, but if time and date are re-scheduled then we will move the deposit to the re-scheduled time and date.

Full payment is required either when we meet at our home office, for your "informal rehearsal" , or in the event that schedules not lining up [ work, travel, golf , parties , etc. ] to meet at our home office then full payment is required on day of your Wedding.

On our wedding day, what can we expect?
We will arrive approx. 30 min. before your ceremony, just to ensure all last moment details are taken care of. No surprises.

When will we effect a possible name change?
We mail your registration to central registries within 48 hrs. of your wedding. From that point, registries asks for a 3 week wait, before moving ahead with any formal changes in names.

If you purchased an Alberta Marriage License at any registry in Alberta , other than you will need to return to the original Registry that you purchased your Alberta Marriage License at to finish the registration process. Vital Statistics will then mail you the permanent and Globally recognized , Government Seal embossed Statement of Marriage.

We ensure flexibility on your wedding day, but in the case of multiple bookings on a given day we reserve the right to put a 20 minute starting time limit on the ceremony. We only do this in respect of other weddings that may occur on the same day. THANK-YOU for your understanding on this matter, EVERYONE, is, important to us. We let you know this well in advance.

Karyn Faryna: 1.403.762.8098
Robin White: 1.403.760.4867
fax: 1.403.760.2776


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